Lanah P. Is back with a new hard-hitting single about the social and political changes we are facing today


Lanah. P is a legend; a renegade and maverick soul. She’s a person of many names and genders. In fact, she doesn’t believe in gender other than it being a myth. Pronouns are just earthbound terms to her. 

With a glittering career spanning the last few decades, Lanah is back with a hard-hitting single, Human Race, that shouts of the social and political changes we are experiencing today. It’s a song that will make the world stand up and listen as a time when we need it most. 

Her writing process comes from all avenues and observations of external responses, but Human Race is a song that Lanah wrote all the way back in 1981. Now with an updated version, Lanah has worked with David Sye and Dave Punshon to bring Human Race to life. 

Speaking exclusively to DIVA, Lanah. P said: “This collaboration has been creatively dynamic to say the least, which is what happens when you work with genius talents! But more prosaically, I think that between us we have created a great piece of work and delivered a very crucial message.”

Lanah. P is a well-loved favourite of the media; not so much a star but a whole constellation of stars expanding theatre, film, radio a top 10 recording artiste and television personality. 

Lanah says: “I wrote this song back in 1981, I was homeless and squatting in Novelist Graham Green’s old house in Powis Square, Notting Hill whilst the riots where taking place. Because of depression I was very much in touch with spirit world and during my morning and evening meditations in that house, I was given information about current and future events. 

“One of my close friends at the time was Mark E Smith of the Band The Fall. Mark had the gift of Prophesy and would often confirm what I had been given without me saying a word to him. He would confirm that we are heading for future disaster. 

“And so, I penned Human Race. It comes now to you in the perfect time, space and sequence.”

Listen to Human Race, the new single from Lanah. P below.

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