My Size is the non-profit organisation on a mission to to define a global sizing standard for Transgender women 


Whilst working on initial developments for lingerie, the team behind My Size – Bok Goodall, Marcia Griffiths and Winn Austin – found there is currently no sizing standard for Transgender women globally. 

With their wealth of experience in fashion and business sectors, the My Size team have been working on how to develop this and how to create a standard that can be used across the industry world-wide. 

Research will initially focus on lingerie and swimwear, hopefully with the help of large businesses and corporations as part of their diversity and inclusion protocols. 

Whilst trying to generate funding in the form of grants for this sizing standard, the team have come up against opposition and lack of understanding of the community’s requirements, with the suggestion that existing gender neutral sizing should be enough. 

A GoFundMe has been set up for anyone who wishes to get involved. Every donation will make a difference to get this project off the ground, and every single person that donates will be thanked by name on the My Size website. 

Bok Goodall and Winn Austin have been working on their lingerie brand, Ms A London since last year, with the aim to launch earlier this year. The current pandemic has of course shifted plans – as it has for the rest of the world, and the team are now planning a launch in 2021. 

The Ms A London launch collection focuses on a tight collection of solutions pieces that are tailored to fit the Transgender woman’s body type – in a way that has not been done before. 

Construction of the garments has been developed to consider body shape, ultimate comfort and to create a little magic in terms of swerves and curves! The initial collection features an unwired bra, high waist briefs, a slip dress, and two bodysuits. All styles are created to nip and tuck and accentuate where necessary. The initial colour palette features core colours of black, white, skin tones, and of course leopard print. 

The team will be carrying out fit sessions in the future with Transgender women and all that identify as female (cross dressing men, drag queens very welcome!) making this range as inclusive as possible. 

Check out My Size on Instagram here and Ms A London here.

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