Punkie is the first ever Black, openly lesbian comedian to ever be cast on the show 


In its 45 year history, Saturday Night Live hasn’t always been praised for its treatment for LGBTQI individuals. But in recent years, we have slowly seen the show become more queer friendly. 

With Kate McKinnon joining the cast in 2012, the iconic “I’m like sooo gay dude” moment from Kristen Stewart and various LGBTQI positive sketches, it’s about time a Black lesbian was welcomed onto the show. 

The NBC sketch show announced this week that they will be making three additions for Season for 46, and they will feature Los Angeles based stand-up comedian Punkie Johnson as part of the cast. 

She’s a queer Black woman who has performed some hilarious sets, often speaking about gender roles and her 18 year relationship with her wife. We can already tell she’s going to have us cry laughing at her comedic takes on queer life.

Danitra Vance was the first lesbian and queer Black person to perform on the show, between 1985 and 1986, but her sexual orientation was not made public until after her death in 1994.

We hope this is a huge turning point for representation on the show and we can’t wait to see what Punkie has up her sleeve!

The new season of Saturday Night Live will premiere 3 October. 

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