Bi Pride UK are supporting and celebrating bi individuals through a virtual panel discussion 


To all the bisexual babes out there, we see you and want you to feel celebrated every single day, but especially today. On Bi Visibility Day, Bi Pride UK – the UK’s only national registered charity for people attracted to more than one gender – will be virtually hosting their very own panel discussion. 

Topics of conversation will look at how lockdown affected the mental health of the LGBTQI community, how the Black Lives Matter Movement impacted the Bi BAME community and what we can learn from the last six months and how best to move forward. 

The fab-bi-lous panelists reflecting on 2020 include TV personality Giliberti, music artist Pearl Natasha and activist Jake Edwards. Sounds like a pretty perfect panel to us!

Ahead of Bi Visibility Day, research revealed the extent of Bi-phobia prevalent here in the UK today – and how this has escalated during the COVID-19 lockdown. During this time, the LGBT Foundation saw a 450% increase in calls to their helpline regarding Bi-phobic discrimination.

Sean Taylor, Head of Bi Pride UK Media and Comms comments: “Mental health issues are common amongst bi individuals, and bi people, especially bi women, are at increased risk of intimate partner violence due to the harmful prejudices and stereotypes that many, both straight and gay, hold about bi people.

“Due to lockdown, everyone is forced to stay at home, however for bi people this can mean staying home with families who either don’t know about their sexuality or do not accept it.”

Viewers are invited to tune into the Bi Pride UK YouTube channel from 7pm on Wednesday 23 September. 

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