Bumble’s #MyLoveIsBlackLove campaign aims to better represent the breadth of Black Love in the UK


Have you ever tried searching for images relating to words like romance, relationship, and couple? If you have, you’ll notice that there are little to no depictions of Black people within the images you find. This online world is reflective of a broader mindset in the UK, with more than half of Black British people feeling that they do not see their love stories represented in mainstream online spaces. 

To mark Black History Month in the UK, Bumble has commissioned Metallic Inc to create a socially-led campaign about Black British Love to highlight the lack of Black representation in mainstream images of love and relationships. 

Liv Little

Bumble carried out some new research that showed that 79% of Black people in the UK think there is a lack of relatable images and stories about dating in the UK, with over half (52%) saying this negatively impacts their mental wellbeing. 

Together with more than 30 British artists, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs and activists including Nicola Adams, Leonie Anderson and Lancey Foux, Ms Banks, Claro Amfo, Liv Little and more – this project is working to better represent the breadth of Black Love within in a real and uniquely British way. 

Every day throughout Black History Month, Bumble will share the stories of each of the 30 Black British voices involved as they share unscripted reflections on what love means to them. 

Nicola Adams

The campaign aims to open a conversation about love in the UK within the Black community. Exploring the many voices that make up the Black British identity, across gender, skin tone, heritage, sexuality, and location.

Tanya Compas

Naomi Walkland, Head of Bumble UK & Ireland said: “Growing up in London, I saw so little of myself reflected in images of love and relationships that I consumed. And when I did, it rarely represented the Black British experience. If this inspires just one young Black girl to feel empowered to make the first move then it is a step in the right direction.”

“At Bumble, we have a role to play in how our community, particularly millennials, think about love and relationships. Through this effort to document and amplify British Black Love stories, we hope to better represent the breadth of love in the UK. The Black community deserves to see themselves in images of love and joy and their love stories should be celebrated in mainstream spaces. This campaign is just the first step, and there is more work to be done, but together with amazing partners we hope to spark a necessary conversation.” 

Click here to find out more about Bumble’s #MyLoveIsBlackLove campaign or share your own story using the hashtag.

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