What hurdles has Coronavirus put on your coming out process?


As lockdown got in the way of so many elements of our lives, some of our biggest life events were put on hold – or even brought forward in some cases. One big life event that COVID-19 has no doubt had a huge effect on is the coming out process.

Every day, more and more people are finding the courage to share their sexuality. Coming out isn’t easy for everyone though, and many will have struggled with their sexuality during the pandemic.

Many will have found themselves in an environment that doesn’t lend itself to the freedom and honesty it takes to come out to those we are surrounded by in every day life. There will have been many in unaccepting family situations that will have prevented any expression of sexual or gender identity.

With National Coming Out Day fast approaching (11 October), we want to hear from you. What has your coming out journey looked like during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Did you come out to the people you were locked down with? Did you come out before lockdown hit and have your “baby gay” phase brought to a standstill? Did you have to go back in because of an unaccepting environment? Did you realise you identified as with a different sexuality to the one you did before lockdown? Or even change your gender identity? 

We know that there’s plenty of uplifting stories out there and we would love if you would share them with us so we can celebrate your story this National Coming Out Day. Drop us a DM at @DIVAmagazine on Twitter or send an email to sophie@divamag.co.uk with your story. 🌈

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