The charity aims to share an Open Letter with the UK’s first national LGBTQI+ museum to represent the community 


In partnership with the Levi’s brand and Post Office, Queer Britain, the charity working to establish the UK’s first national LGBTQI museum, is calling on the queer community and its allies to share an open letter with the future museum to record, study and preserve stories of the LGBTQI experience. 

The letters will live in Queer Britain’s ever-growing archive, where they can be re-visited and re-told, contributing to a more inclusive and representative British history. 

To kick start the campaign, Queer Britain has called upon notable members of the LGBTQI community to share their open letters, including Asifa Lahore, Raven Smith and Tanya Compas. 

The hope is that by letters covering subjects from personal experiences and stories of hope for the future, each letter will be a valuable asset helping to build a narrative which truly represents the diversity, resilience and beauty of the the UK’s LGBTQI communities. 

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In partnership with @Levis_UK and @UKPostOffice we’re inviting you, and everyone from our LGBTQ+ community, to write an open letter to help collect stories which may otherwise be lost or erased. We are Queer Britain, a charity working working to establish the UK’s first-ever LGBTQ+ museum, and we aim to record, study and preserve stories that might otherwise go unheard. – Send your open letter to us and write LGBTQ+ history; simply write ‘Freepost OPEN LETTERS TO QUEER BRITAIN’ on the front of your envelope. No need to include a stamp, postage is covered. – Visit the link in bio to find out more. – Image from Queer Britain – Queer Britain is a charity working to establish the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum. Let’s make history! – #queerbritain #lgbtq #lesbian #gay #bisexual #trans #queer

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Joseph Galliano, Founder of Queer Britain says “LGBTQ+ people’s stories have been lost and under-recorded over the years. Queer Britain’s mission is to rescue, preserve these stories for everyone and create an exciting place that we can all encounter and explore them. It will help complete the UK’s family tree. There is already a huge missing gap in our national story about the outsized contribution to it that LGBTQ+ people have made. It’s vital we stem this loss so future generations can see themselves properly reflected in our histories and understand the endless possibilities of life. If this is true for someone like me, how much true is it for people of colour, women, those with disabilities, trans and non-binary people… It’s hard to be what we cannot see.” 

After the campaign, the letters will be shared with and studied by historians at Goldsmiths, University of London and Kent State University as part of a research project titled Queer Pandemic: Resilience in Times of Crisis. The study looks at how queer identities and communities have been shaped and strengthened by individual and community responses to COVID-19 and previous crises related to the health and safety of the LGBTQI community, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS, violence, criminalisation and restricted healthcare. 

What are you waiting for? Get involved and be a part of our queer history! To send your own open letter, simply write “Freepost OPEN LETTERS TO QUEER BRITAIN” on the envelope. No need to include a stamp, postage is free. 

To find out more about how to get involved, simply click here.

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