A celebration of equality and diversity in Copenhagen and Malmö from 12-22 August, 2021


Happy International Lesbian Day! What a great day it is to be announcing our partnership with WorldPride and EuroGames, taking place in Copenhagen for 2021. It’s billed as an eclectic arts and culture programme, the biggest ever LGBTQI human rights forum and the first WorldPride that is also combined with the LGBTQI focused EuroGames.

Visitors can look forward to rainbow flags flying throughout the city from 12-22 August, and there will be plenty of opportunities to show your Pride. Hundreds of thousands of people from near and far will join together in Copenhagen and Malmö to take part in the celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames 2021.

DIVA even got to take a sneak peek at the celebrations lined up for the event next year. You can read more about our trip and what to expect here. 

City Hall Square right in the middle of Copenhagen will be an impressive village for all Copenhagen 2021 participants to gather throughout the day and in the evening. LGBTQI organisations and NGOs from all over the world will line the square and invite passers by and spectators to learn more about their work, take part in global calls-to-action and get to know more about what Copenhagen has to offer to the global LGBTQI community.

Of course, there’s a Pride march in store, too. More than 60,000 people are expected to march through the streets of Copenhagen in support of everyone’s right to live and love openly and freely, and it’s expected that more than 500,000 spectators will cheer at the march from the sidelines.

That’s not all either – EuroGames will also be taking place in Copenhagen as part of the 2021 celebrations. In what is set to be the most inclusive sporting event ever, athletes will compete in safe and secure surroundings where they can make new friends and memories as they break a sweat. It’s accessible for those who have trained for years as well as those who just happen to pass by. 

If you’re already planning your Pride celebrations for next year, Copenhagen 2021 is a once in a lifetime event you absolutely won’t want to miss.

DIVA Magazine are proud supporters and partners of WorldPride and EuroGames 2021. Click here to find out more information about next year’s celebrations. 

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