“I was a kid, and I felt personally affronted”


When the news that Kristen Stewart would be starring in a queer Christmas film came, we were already mentally preparing ourself for the press that would come with it. Would K Stew open up more about her queer identity? 

We can confirm, she has delivered. While promoting the hotly anticipated Happiest Season, Kristen sat down with fellow queer icon and the film’s director, Clea DuVall, and discussed the difficulties she has faced in opening up about her sexuality. 

When Kristen was 21, she publicly dated a woman for the first time and was “immediately asked if she was a lesbian.” 

In the interview for InStyle magazine, Kristen recalls: “I felt like maybe there were things that have hurt people I’ve been with. Not because I felt ashamed of being openly gay but because I didn’t like giving myself to the public, in a way. It felt like such thievery.” 

As Kristen became more of a prominent figure within the public eye and grew used to paparazzi, she said “no reticence” about being photographed with her past girlfriends, although she has felt “an enormous pressure” to be a good role model for the LGBTQI community.

“But it wasn’t put on me by the [LGBTQI] community. People were seeing those pictures and reading these articles and going, ‘Oh, well, I need to be shown.’ I was a kid, and I felt personally affronted.”

Happiest Season focuses on a young woman, Abby (Kristen Stewart), who plans to propose to her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) while attending her annual family holiday celebration – when she finds out that her girlfriend is not yet out to her conservative parents.

Kristen said that the story resonated with her, telling Clea: “I’ve been on both sides of that dynamic where someone is having a hard time acknowledging who they are and the other person is more self-accepting.”

” I [personally] came into the more complex aspects of myself a little bit later. I never felt an immense shame, but I also don’t feel far away from that story, so I must have it in a latent sense.”

Happiest Season is coming to cinemas in the UK 27 November. 

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