Kandid’s top toys to empower your sexual wellness


A new generation of sex toy shops like Kandid are catering for the LGBTQI community with gender-free products and un-intimidating shopping experiences. Kandid have compiled a guide to the best sex toys to have in your repertoire for bisexual women, so you can be prepared for fun no matter what situation you find yourself in. 

We’ve covered everything you’ll need to begin exploring the sexual side of your unique identity. whoever you are, and whoever you’re with. This guide will give you the right tools to tap into your desires, explore something new, and have fun. 


Our two top tips for great sex are; communication and lubrication. Whether its fingers, penetration or foreplay, lube makes everything better.

Kandid’s water based lube has a natural gel-like complexity to enhance sexual play. Made with aloe vera extracts, The Silky One water based lube is soft and kind to your skin. Smooth yet not sticky, the water based lube is condom compatible, stain-free and can be used with any sex toy
There are many different types of lube out there, but not all are created equal – and some are definitely not body friendly. Your body is a temple and so what you put into it is super important.

Beginners Bondage Kit 

Bondage gear, like lovers, comes in all shapes and forms. Kandid’s The Kinky One eight piece bondage kit comes complete with the tools to suit any taste from novice users and seasoned players alike.

Dip a toe in the world  BDSM with a blindfold and ‘tickler’ for sensual stimulation on any body part, or take it to the next level with wrist or ankle cuffs, a collar restraint, rope, and flogger. Each cuff and collar is padded with faux fur to maximise softness and comfort. The perfect play kit or any partners. 

Versatile Vibrator 

Many women need lengthy periods of direct clitoral stimulation to reach climax, so a versatile vibrator is an essential. 

Compact but mighty, Kandid’s The Mini One vibrator is somewhere between a traditional vibrator and a bullet vibrator size, so suitable for both clit play and insertion. 

The soft silicone shaft allows you to focus any 9 of its vibration modes wherever you like, and it is light enough to manoeuvre with one hand, so you can keep the other one free as you desire!

Strap-On Harness

Wether you’re enjoying vaginal penetration with a partner or trying out some pegging, a sturdy comfortable and sexy strap on harness is always a winner. We recommend the Tomboi Original Brief Strap-on Harness from Wet for Her.

Created by women, the Tomboi harness pants revolutionise the harness and strap-on dildo concept. It’s use is very simple: put it on as normal underwear and slide the sex toy of your choice in the opening specially equipped – and voila! Its machine washable and comes with hidden pockets for bullet vibrators for extra pleasure. 


Also from Wet for Her, the Fusion dildo for strap-on play is a unique and revolutionary product. This unique design has an ergonomic base that enables the wearer to receive clitoral stimulation at the same as the receiver so you don’t have to choose whether you give or receive pleasure, you can share them together. An end to taking turns! 

Head over to Kandid to check out more of their empowering, gender-neutral toys.

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