Here’s our top picks from this four day celebration of creativity in Africa


Now in its eighth year, Aké Arts & Book Festival has brought over 700 artists, writers, poets, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, actors, filmmakers and thinkers together to dialogue and celebrate creativity on the African continent through panel discussions, art exhibitions, workshops, storytelling, book chats, poetry performances, a concert, stage play and unforgettable films.

Running from 22 – 25 October, you won’t want to miss the African continent’s biggest annual gathering of literary writers, editors, critics and readers.

The primary goals of the festival are to promote, develop and celebrate creativity on the African continent through a series of events. These include panel discussions, workshops, book chats, plays, poetry events, concerts and performances.

Make sure you check out their packed programme for four days of cultural immersion this weekend!

DIVA’S Aké Festival top picks 

Navigating African Identity With Arts, Culture & Technology (22 October)

Join this exciting panel of Googlers, to hear about how Africans working at the epicentre of technology and the African continent think about storytelling, copyrights, and the influence of technology on African art and culture. 

Dealing With A Post-COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis (23 October)

Chaired by Maryam Mohammed Aliko, mental health advocates Leyla Hussein, William Ebiti and Hauwa Ojeifo will discuss Africa’s preparation for the inevitable continent-wide crises. How will the African continent rise to the challenge when it still stigmatises mental health challenges? This panel will review the long-term effects of social isolation and explore how to strengthen the existing health infrastructure.

Writing Queer, Writing Black (23 October)

This panel takes a look at the challenges but also the gifts that come with writing when you are a Black creative in the LGBTQI community in Africa and the African Diaspora. Chaired by Chiké Frankie Edozien, Nakhane, Unoma Azuah and Nicole Dennis-Benn will explore creative freedom, censorship and the unique challenges that arise from being both black and queer in engaging black readers.

Decolonising Africa On Feminist Time (24 October)

This panel will explore the evolution of Feminism in Africa. From working on a Charter for African Feminists to Environmental activism and creating art that pushes boundaries and redefines female power, feminism in Africa continues to evolve. 

Click here for more information about Aké Festival – running from 22 – 25 October. 

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