The new video, featuring music from Toya Delazy, showcases a floor-filling fusion of UK and South African sounds 


East London’s South African MC, Toya Delazy, has just dropped the visuals for Qhawe. Meaning “be strong warrior” in Zulu, the bass-filled floor-filler carries a powerful message to stand your ground in the face of adversity. 

Along with the Director Kyle Lewis, Toya’s new fashion film puts fashion and art on a new sphere. Deeply rooted in creativity and self-expression, this 90” film gives you all the feels. 

Director Kyle Lewis commented: “I wanted to show that even under harsh restrictions and global uncertainty how important it is to create and be creative.” 

Made To Create x Qhawe is the latest music video made in the form of a fashion film from the visionary artist herself, in a pioneer genre dubbed “Afro-Rave,”. She unleashes rapid, sharp Zulu vocals over fiery techno and British bassline bursts, courtesy of UK producers Raf Riley and Hen of Joy Anonymous.

Speaking of the video, Toya Delazy said: “This Afrorave fashion film is about creatives coming together during lockdown to create against all odds. No one is ever prepared for adversity and it is only through facing it that we discover our true potential. This is a rallying call to all my fellow humans in light of messages telling us to retrain, I encourage you to keep strong and come together as only through our unity can we overcome adversity.” 

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