Wolves is all about platonic relationships – their ups, downs and mainly their importance


Steph Willis usually spends her time as a full time musician, but as with most of the arts, it’s been a difficult year to maintain that. Based primarily in High Wycombe, she can usually be found playing around the UK at corporate events, weddings, festivals, pubs, etc. 

Recently Steph has started up a pet care business alongside her music career, but that hasn’t stopped her from recording some new tunes too. 

Working at her home studio, Steph has been able to keep writing and recording music, sending things through to her label instead of physically being able to work together as would have been the way in pre-pandemic life. 

Since April, she’s managed to release five singles, recorded and produced remotely during lockdown. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? After signing with her label just earlier this year, it’s been a difficult challenge to face, but Steph is clearly still thriving and not letting anything get in the way of her music.  

Her new single Wolves pays tribute to platonic relationships. You know, the ones where you might argue now and again but you always know you’ll make up straight afterwards. The best kind of friendship. 

Steph says of the brand new single: “Wolves was written about a friendship that breaks boundaries. A strong bond that is created even though you may have ups and downs and disagreements. I have found family in friends and Wolves is a tribute to the trials that we have endured, but that we wouldn’t change the people we have formed those bonds with. No matter how frustrated we can get.”

Give the brand new single Wolves a listen below. 

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