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What choices will I be met with when I begin my search for a sperm donor?

On the Cryos’ webpage you will first have to create a profile in order to be able to access all of the information about the donors. Creating a profile is of course free of charge.

When you start searching for a donor you will be faced with a lot of options. To make all of these options that are available to you more manageable you can filter your search by personal preferences. 

You can filter by:

  • Donor identity (ID Release or Non-ID Release donors)
  • Profile Type (Basic, Exclusive or Extended)
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Hair colour
  • Eye colour
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood type

When browsing through the different profiles you can select your favourites. Your favourites will be saved in your profile, so that they are easy to access when you want to read their profile again.

What does Donor Identity mean?

You can choose either an ID Release donor or a NON-ID Release donor. This decision is entirely based on the restrictions in your country as well as your individual preferences. For example, if you are planning fertility treatment at a UK based clinic the choice will be made for you, as you can only choose an ID Release donor.

The ID Release donor has chosen to be ID Release and has agreed to being contacted by children conceived with the help of his donor sperm. If you choose an ID Release donor your child will have the opportunity of getting identifying information about the donor from Cryos when your child turns 18.

A Non-ID Release Donor is non-contactable, so if you choose a Non-ID Release donor, you will not receive any extra information about the donor that is not already on his donor profile. Cryos is not allowed to reveal the donor’s identity.

Learn more about donor identity here.

What does Profile Type mean?

You can choose between a donor with a Basic Profile or an Extended Profile. In the Basic Profile you receive basic information about the donor such as ethnicity, education, eye and hair colour. In the Extended Profile you receive basic information as well as personal information about the donor, plus an emotional intelligence (EQ) profile, pictures of the donor as a child, a handwritten letter from the donor and a recording of the donor’s voice. Learn more about the two types of profiles here.

You can also choose an Exclusive Donor. If you choose an Exclusive donor it is only you and your partner who are able to have a child with the help of that donor’s sperm.

Learn more about Donor exclusivity here.

Is blood type important in my choice of donor?

It is rare that blood type is relevant in the choice of donor, just as it would be in the choice of a partner.

Where are the donors primarily from?

The majority of Cryos’ donors are Danish. Some of the donors are exchange students, working abroad etc. So, the donors represent many different ethnical backgrounds.

What does IUI-ready and ICI-unwashed mean?

When reading the donor profiles, you will see a blue box on the right side of the screen with the categories “IUI-ready, ICI-unwashed” and the word “MOT”. Your clinic will be able to help you with what you should choose for your fertility treatment.

There are two types of straws: IUI and ICI. Both straws can be used for different fertility treatments and your choice of straw will depend on your clinic’s recommendation.

In short, IUI straws contain washed sperm that has been prepared (washed) by the sperm bank, which means that prior to cryopreservation the natural ejaculate fluids are separated from the motile sperm cells.  

Contrastingly, an ICI straw is not prepared (washed) by the sperm bank. ICI straws contain all of the natural fluids that are present in a normal ejaculate but will still have plenty of motile sperm cells.

Learn more about ICI and IUI straws here.

What does MOT mean?

When you order donor sperm for fertility treatment you need to order either IUI or ICI straws with a specific MOT. MOT or “motilities” is one of the parameters that helps sperm banks measure the quality of the sperm as it measure the number of active sperm cells pr. Milliliter sperm. At Cryos you can choose between MOT5, MOT10, MOT20, MOT30+. The type of MOT you should order depends on the type of fertility treatment and your fertility clinic’s preference. Learn more about MOT and read our recommendations for the different fertility treatments here.

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