Cure that lockdown boredom with these queer TV delights


You might think you watched every queer TV show ever produced during lockdown number one. You might be worried that there’s nothing binge-worthy to get you through the much colder and darker nights of lockdown 2.0.

Rest assured, there’s plenty more to dive into. If you’re in need of a horror story, a date with a drag king, or something cheerful to lift your spirits as you slump on the sofa, we’ve got you covered. 

Feel Good

Where to watch: Channel 4

You might have already caught this one during the first lockdown (I know I did and I can confirm I’ve re-watched it twice since then) – but this is your warning if you haven’t! Feel Good is essential queer watching. 

Starring Mae Martin (basically playing herself) this comedy explores the life of a recovering addict navigating the modern-day world of love, addiction and sexuality. 


Where to watch: Channel 4

Anne+ is a seriously underrated gem and we urge you to watch it immediately. If you’re locked down alone, it’s the perfect watch to feel like you’re surrounded by queer friends. I found myself missing my queer friendship group so badly when I watched it – but I’d happily join Anne’s circle any day. 

The plot centres around the life of a young lesbian woman, Anne, as she navigates herself through her 20s in Amsterdam. Follow Anne as she dates her way around the city and stumbles into real adulthood. 

We Are Who We Are

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer (Available from 22 November)

Did you find yourself longing to lounge in Italy on a summer’s day after watching Call Me By Your Name? Did you love the gritty portrayal of teenage life in Euphoria? Well, We Are Who We Are is right up your street. 

Coming from none other than Luca Guadagnino (who directed Call Me By Your Name) himself, We Are Who We Are is an eight part series that stars queer icon Chloe Sevigny as the incoming commander of a US army base in Italy and Jack Dylan Grazer as her teenage son, set against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. 

It tackles gender identity, infidelity and family relationships all in Guadagnino’s wonderful style. 

A Queen Is Born

Where to watch: Netflix

Missing RuPaul’s Drag Race? Us too. Why not get stuck into A Queen Is Born instead and find out what happens who two godmothers decide to help aspiring drag kings and queens. 

Alexia Twister and Gloria Groove lead the series, which celebrates drag art and promises to make you shed tears from emotion. In each episode, the duo use all of their experience to help participants find their inner diva. And they don’t come alone: Alexia and Gloria have a important help from very charismatic specialists during this colourful journey.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Where to watch: Netflix

You can only be forgiven for missing this if you’ve been living under a rock. It’s been all over queer Twitter and making waves on Netflix for the past month now. 

Exploring queer love and loss with the backdrop of a haunting ghost story, it’s to be enjoyed under a blanket on a rainy night and all of the curtains closed. 

Schitt’s Creek

Where to watch: Netflix

Thank goodness! Finally a queer show that doesn’t involve any tragedy. We can’t promise any women loving women action, but this is some excellent watching. 

It’s so rare to find a show with healthy LGBTQI representation and Schitt’s Creek has taken the TV world by storm for doing exactly that. It’s so full of warmth and hope, we just know you’ll love it. 

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