A moving piece of history captured on film by Vasco Oliveira 


September 2019 saw the first ever Trans Pride in London. This successful, yet highly controversial event, sparked a debate whether Trans people need a separate event to celebrate their identities. This, and more, is a subject of a new documentary by Vasco Oliveira.

Vasco, a London-based filmmaker, took the initiative to direct, create and produce the only film that has documented this historical event. 

The no-profit and zero budget film was created in order to show not only the parade, but the core of pride – the trans and non-binary people and their allies fighting for their rights and higher visibility in the media, while celebrating their identities and accomplishments together in London.

The seven-minute documentary features footage of both the parade and the official after-party and includes numerous interviews with the courageous representatives of the community. Not only those who are LGBTQI themselves, but also their proud allies who came to show their support to their trans friends on the day. The documentary also features numerous strong LGBTQI women who stand and have always stood at the front of the fight for trans rights. 

Some of the household names you will find in the documentary are: Lucia Blayke, the organiser and trans activist, Jamie Windust, an LGBTQI non-binary activist, Brooke Candy, a rapper and an ally who previously collaborated with Charli XCX, and Wednesday Holmes, a prominent non-binary artist and activist. 

It’s an eye-opening experience, educating us all on the issues of the trans community in the UK and around the world. Make sure you watch it this Trans Awareness Week!

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