“Ren is on the hunt for romance, but in a world of Tinder and zero commitment, meeting the right one has never been harder”


The DIVA Box Office Move Club continues this week with the acclaimed movie, Mixed Messages, written and directed by queer filmmaker, Kanchi Wichmann. The movie, which started life as mini webisodes before it was edited as a feature film, has the rhetorical tag line: one year single on the Berlin Lesbian Scene, how hard can it be?

The protagonist, Ren, is on the hunt for romance, but in a world of online dating and zero commitment, meeting the right one has never been harder. It’s a  frank, witty and cringe-worthy tale of looking for love in all the wrong places. From speed-dating, to meditation and even a kinky workshop, each unsuccessful liaison leads to her asking the ultimate question: is it me or them?

The movie is full of adventures that viewers will find both amusing and relatable so click here where you can choose to watch for free or purchase to own it. If you want to purchase you can use the special 25% discount code: DIVA25, which is available until 28 December 2020.

Join in the DIVA Box Office Saturday chat (28 November), where DBO’s Jacquie Lawrence will be talking to the movie’s writer and director Kanchi Wichmann to find out just how autobiographical Mixed Messages is.

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