Batwoman returns in 2021, but with an all-new character wearing the cape and cowl


With two brand new trailers dropped recently, we’ve finally been teased with an even closer look at the CW’s first Black, queer Batwoman and a sneak peek of the new star Javicia Leslie trying on the suit for the fist time. 

Although they don’t give too much away, there’s some interesting hints for what’s to come in the next season of the superhero series. 

The trailer begins with Ryan Wilder (played by Javicia Leslie) changing into her bat costume. “Time to be powerful!” Wilder defiantly declares, staring into the mirror through her mask. By the looks of the trailer, Javicia has certainly settled into her new role, following the shock exit of Ruby Rose at the start of this year. 

Javicia has shown off pictures of herself in Ruby’s old costume, but it’s been clarified that she will ditch it a few episodes in to season two in favour of a new look. 

Ryan is described as “likeable, messy, a little goofy and untamed”, but has a past as a former drug runner who has spent years on the run from Gotham City’s police department.

She’s a “highly skilled and wildly undisciplined” fighter as well as an out lesbian, ensuring that Batwoman’s groundbreaking LGBTQI representation remains at the heart of the show.

While Kate Kane will be written out of the show, her friends and family are set to return – meaning fans won’t have to say goodbye to every character they got to know over the course of season one.

The new series will see Ryan Wilder become the new hero, fighting against a now harder to control Alice and Jacob Kane security team who will be eager to stop Ryan from her vigilantism.

Camrus Johnson and Nicole Kang will still have major roles as tech whizz Luke Fox and medical student Mary Hamilton. 

We can also expect more from Meagan Tandy as Kate’s ex-girlfriend Sophie Moore, who is a protector of Gotham in her own right as one of the Crows’ leading operatives.

Season two of Batwoman will premiere 17 January 2021 on The CW!

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