A song all about wild nights in the city from this hit writing mega star


Internationally acclaimed, multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter, LP, has released her new single How Low Can You Go. After having written hits for the likes of Rihanna, Cher and Christina Aguilera, we already knew we were gonna love what LP has to offer. 

Featuring the same hit-making team behind her previous releases The One That You Love and Lost On You, which hit number one in 18 countries, LP and her team headed to Hotel El Ganzo, San José del Cabo, México to write this tune.

The result is a song with swagger, pensiveness, and sultry attitude, reflecting the mixed emotions born out of late-night adventure, self-exploration, and the rollercoaster of love, as told through LP’s personal vocals and intimate delivery.

Speaking of the track, LP said: How Low Can You Go represents an amalgam of many wild nights I’ve had in New York City and Los Angeles. Sometimes they stick with you. You have feelings for these characters and situations in all their flawed and beautiful madness. I often feel this Holden Caulfield-esque need-to-know what the worst things in life can be, according to myself and others. I think that helps me to be sure of what I don’t want, and to appreciate what I do want. That clarity informs what I want next.”

The video for How Low Can You Go takes you on a journey through what inspired the song – some wild and sordid nights I’ve experienced over the years and the people I’ve met. Sometimes, even if you only spend a very small amount of time with someone, they leave an impression on you, and in, you. I find myself wondering what if at times and there have also been many moments that I took that path and it’s changed my life and pushed me to the limits of right and wrong and the potential consequences of both. This video is a fantasy of what I wanted from one of those moments.”

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