Ghosts Of Christmas Past will raise money for homeless charities and food banks this winter 


Following the release of her single Human Race earlier this year, Lanah. P is back with a Christmas single to make a difference. 

With a glittering career spanning the last few decades, her new yule tide single Ghosts Of Christmas Past shouts of the social and political changes we are experiencing in these times and tells the world to stand up and listen at a time when people really need it. 

The proceeds of Lanah’s new single will go towards CentrePoint, Crisis and The Trussell Trust.

Lanah says “It’s my disco Christmas glitter ball – I wrote this song back in 2018. It was the second of two yuletide songs I penned that long day, I started humming the melody and the lyrics in unison. I was on my own one autumnal October afternoon, and I put pen to paper as I imagined, if only life could be like one of those old pictures that you see on old traditional Christmas cards, the warm log fires, the golden lights of candle glow and frosted window panes. Just the type that appears on those old Dickensian type windows belonging to big dark mansion type houses or a secluded winter wonderland country cottage – a reminiscence but with a metaphysical uplifting twist.”

Lanah. P’s new single Ghosts Of Christmas Past is available on iTunes and Spotify, with all proceeds going towards homeless charities. 

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