Let’s keep feeling that queer festive cheer


We can guess exactly what you got up to this weekend, it’s probably exactly the same as us. Does sitting on the sofa surrounded by snacks whilst drooling over Kristen Stewart sound familiar? That can only mean one thing. You watched Happiest Season, too. 

Christmas came early this year with this festive romcom and we’re sure it will be on everyone’s annual Christmas watch-list. Probably best saved for after you’ve watched Carol to lighten the mood. 

Let’s all take a moment to stop daydreaming about Aubrey Plaza and rejoice as we shine a twinkling queermas light on some of Happiest Season’s best queer moments. 


Aubrey Plaza in a blazer


Sorry to everyone else in the film, but Aubrey Plaza’s character Riley really was the star on top of the queermas tree. 

From the moment she entered the film wearing a blazer, we knew we had a queer icon on our hands. Bonus points for the absolute queer energy she exuded when she put her hands in her pockets. What. A. Dream. 

Aubrey Plaza and K Stew leaning up against the bar 


The lesbian power in this scene was unstoppable. From K Stew’s undercut hairdo down to her open chested shirt, we had no choice but to obsess over this moment. Also, their flaming hot eye contact and general chemistry has everyone begging for the rightful sequel where the pair run off together. More of this duo please.

K Stew in the closet 


Need I say more? When Abby hides in the closet to avoid getting caught as she slyly sneaks towards Harper’s room, we were all screaming at the TV. Hilarious writing and a brilliantly witty scene. 

Cute Abby and Harper moments


Although there were no steamy moments in the film as such, the cute moments shared between Abby and Harper were sweet enough to keep us smiling. In all fairness, it’s pretty hard to show affection to your girlfriend if your family don’t even know you’re dating. 

Dan Levy wearing incredible coats 


Happiest Season had many style icons, but Dan Levy who plays Abby’s best friend John deserves some recognition. His coat collection was second to none and we are all striving to be as queer and cosy as him this Christmas. 

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