The most popular NSFW lez/bi films have been revealed… 


It’s not hard to find sex on the internet. But sometimes, when you want to watch something provocative that isn’t straight-up porn, a queer sexy movie that feels authentic and relatable can be difficult to find. 

Interested to ascertain the sexiest movie of all time, used IMDb’s sexiest films of all-time list to create a shortlist. OnBuy then asked 2,760 people to choose five films from the list they found sexiest, and collated those answers to find the most popular 13 movies overall.

OneBuy collated data on each film and using several different factors (search volumes, number of sex scenes, fetish, BDSM and group sex inclusion etc) were able to give each one a final score to create the Watch Flicks And Chill Index. 

Of course, some our favourite raunchy queer films made the top spots in the list.

As you can see, Basic Instinct is crowned the sexiest movie of all time, with a sexy score of 534!

Following closely behind in second place with 491 points is of course the film that made BDSM, as well as Dakota Johnson, famous, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Coming in third with 378 points is Blue Is The Warmest Colour. It’s a queer flick with a lot of controversy about the way in which it was made, but there’s no denying it’s an excellent queer film that sparked plenty of queer awakenings. 

Out of the 2,760 people surveyed, 2,200 of them had Google searched “Blue Is The Warmest Colour + sex scene.” It’s also the film on the list with the most number of sex scenes, with there being eight throughout the film in total. 

Other queer films on the list included Cruel Intentions for *that* queer kiss, and of course, Bound, which is full of queer sexual energy and an erotic forbidden love story. 

Surprisingly the steamy affair, Below Her Mouth, didn’t make the list. Maybe some of us are better at clearing our search history than others. 

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