Fertile Mindset coach, Sarah Holland, hosts this brand new podcast exploring the various aspects of fertility 


An informative and inspiring podcast exploring fertility launches today, drawing on both the professional and personal experiences of Sarah Holland who runs Fertile Mindset – a business that works with couples and individuals on all issues around fertility. She has a unique, effective and empowering approach. Working in the world of fertility for 20 years, and having experienced fertility challenges herself, she pioneered the use of EFT Tapping specifically for fertility support.

A mother to two children after her own fertility challenges, Sarah understands that when it takes longer than expected to conceive a baby worry, stress and overwhelm soon become part of the picture. But what if it was possible to navigate through fertility challenges feeling calm, strong and empowered? What difference would that make to both your life and your fertility journey?

Let this podcast be your place to go to to receive support, guidance and information as Sarah and her guests acknowledge, explore and transform the many emotional aspects of fertility. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to reduce fertility-related stress, are seeking the missing piece of your fertility puzzle, or want to discover how your mind and emotions can support your fertility, you will find all the support and inspiration you need within these podcast episodes.

With the Fertile Mindset approach to coaching, support and emotional healing Sarah has helped thousands of people negotiate the emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues. Sarah believes it is possible for anyone’s fertility journey to become a much more positive and fulfilling experience, and that by recognising and supporting the emotional aspects of fertility, the path to parenthood can become more successful in every way including creating a family. 

The Fertile Mindset Podcast is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and everywhere else you can listen to podcasts, with new episodes available every Thursday.  

We caught up with two women who have worked with Sarah to find out how Fertile Mindset helped and supported their fertility journey. Read their stories below.

Clair Battle

DIVA: Tell us a bit about your fertility journey. 

CLAIR BATTLE: I’ve always know I wanted to carry and birth a baby. It was a foremost question in any relationship. I eventually met a lovely woman and it was something we both wanted to do. We took time getting our relationship settled and finding a home together. Then we began. I researched clinics and we discovered Merrion Fertility in Dublin. It was a not for profit clinic and it’s ethos really appealed to me. 

We agreed to two IUIs as my AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone) was good and we got pregnant on the second IUI. Unfortunately, we discovered that the baby had stopped developing at 10 weeks. We were gutted. As my body needed help to end the pregnancy we had to wait a week and go back, finally getting the meds to begin the miscarriage. It was a horrible, dark and sad time. I was so scared to try again or even think of it. 

Clair Battle

I found Fertile Mindset around this time, as I had enjoyed fertility meditation and visualisations but I needed something to help me out of the fear of miscarriage and this seemed to be the right place. I was going to yoga and acupuncture but wanted to find a place that was a community to support the journey. 

We had two more IUIs. But no luck, so we did a repeat AMH and the consultant said that IVF was the only way forward. We bought more sperm and prepped for the drugs. The first round was not successful, only three follicles developed and they called it off pre egg collection. I developed an ovarian cyst and after an 80 day cycle. Eventually at the end of 2019 we did a full round of IVF. We learned mid cycle that one of my ovaries was hidden behind my womb and so unlikely to give any eggs. On the day of collection the Doctor got six eggs. All six fertilised, and each day for seven days they grew. On the day of the transfer we learned that only two were still growing. They transferred both. Neither took. We went back to the clinic and after a repeat AMH they said it was unlikely I would conceive with my own eggs. We had spent 35k and wanted to buy a home so we decided to pause and focus on that. 

How did Fertile Mindset support you on your journey? 

It was a great community of support. The techniques Sarah thought us really helped. As did the videos and check ins. It was lovely to have a group of people to talk to, who understand what you are trying to do. It can be consuming and the community helped to ground me. 

What were the ups and downs of the process? 

It’s really lonely at times. When it works it’s so easy. When it doesn’t it can be scary as you have no control and other than trying to go with the flow. Also some clinics offer expensive add-ons that are not proven and just get your hopes up. It can be addictive, as when it doesn’t work you really believe there is “just one more thing you can try” or that “this is your time”. 

What advice would you give to others embarking on a fertility journey? 

Follow your instinct. Don’t be fooled by expensive add-ons. Go with an ethical clinic. Prep your body but don’t get obsessive, if it works it works. If it doesn’t, there is nothing you did wrong so know there is also nothing you can do right – just be! 

Anna Wilson

DIVA: Tell us a bit about your fertility journey. 

ANNA WILSON: My wife and I always knew we’d have to do the whole “make a baby” thing differently, but we were up for the challenge. 

I went through treatment first as blood tests showed my egg reserve was lower than my wife’s, so we had to get cracking pretty quickly. We chose a donor from the London Sperm Bank which was quite a surreal process (almost like online shopping, but sperm instead of shoes!) then got a treatment plan together with our chosen clinic. 

We tried IUI first, a process less invasive than IVF, but sadly that didn’t work. As a professional Psychic Medium, I was used to calling on my spiritual gifts to help me out in life, so it suddenly hit me that I wasn’t utilising the one gift that had never let me down before. That’s when things changed dramatically! 

I threw everything I had at our round of IVF. I let my intuition guide me and focussed heavily on my mindset, which resulted in me falling pregnant first time and I still have six little embryo’s in the freezer – we were over the moon!

I sailed through the pregnancy and birthed my miracle baby boy in just over four hours with no pain relief, letting my intuition guide me continuously. I’m sure I had to go through those struggles for a reason and this is probably why I now help other women overcome their own fertility hurdles. 

Anna Wilson

How did Fertile Mindset support you on your journey? 

I came across Sarah Holland online whilst doing a bit of research to support my fertility journey. She helped open my mind to a new way of looking at things and most definitely helped me manage my stress levels whilst trying to conceive!

What do you wish you had known about the process before you began your journey?

How you approach it can either make or break the whole thing. You need to be in the right place energetically to receive your baby. You need to have the right mindset and manage your emotional state or it simply won’t work. All the clinical help in the world won’t make a difference unless you first get yourself to the right place in mind and body. 

Where would you recommend people look for guidance and information?

Most of the websites I found on my own journey spoke of the clinical aspects to getting pregnant, but I know there’s more to it than that and as a same sex couple, we had the clinical stuff covered (that’s what we were paying thousands for!). I’d look for websites specifically focussing on the mind/body links to pregnancy such as mine, (www.yoursoulcalling.com), or Sarah’s website. 

Why do you believe your mindset is so important when trying to conceive with fertility treatment? 

Your mind controls your body. If it’s not in the right place, it can literally be the difference between you making a baby or not. I learnt this the hard way and hope other women don’t have to. There are studies done all over the world which conclude that by focussing on the mind, you dramatically improve your chances of falling pregnant.

Find out more about The Fertile Mindset here.

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