A fresh Tommy Goes Harderrr remix is out now đź”Ą


Originally released just before lockdown number one, rising star Runrummer is back dropping a brand new remix of last year’s hit I Like Getting High. 

The track reflects a conversation about the modern musician and distorted ideas of success, and now has been remixed by Tommy Goes Harderrr (aka Tom Salmon from Black Star Liner) into an eight minute earworm of melodic downtempo house, crossing the boundary into more of a dance music vibe. 

Recorded at the Rattle Collective and mastered by John Greenham (Billie Eilish, Ashnikko, Röyksopp), this is a great collaboration to start off the year and a real powerhouse of a song. 

Runrummer told DIVA: “The original song is all about the struggles faced by independent artists in the modern world; trying to establish yourself as a serious musician whilst holding down a steady job, the constant need for validation, the influence of social media and the pressures of all of this combined. Stress, anxiety and depression can feel all-encompassing, while drugs and alcohol can feel like an easy release. It’s about striking a good balance, acknowledging what’s good for you and moving forward.

I love this remix because it gives the song a fresh new energy that it didn’t have before. It’s almost tribal at times, and it seems to fit with the mood of the moment – people want an escape and I think this song can provide that.”

If you’re not already as big a fan of Runrummer (AKA Livi Morris) as we are, she is a songwriter and producer who grew up on the outskirts of Birmingham, praised for creating effortlessly laid-back melodies and lyrics tinged with a swagger found on Lily Allen records. 

A passionate member of the LGBTQI community, many of her lyrics confront struggles with sexuality, gender identity and mental health, while her music comes from a combination of classic 80s legends alongside contemporary artists like Gorillaz and Georgia. Check out the brand new remix below.

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