Take a sneak peek at Emma’s music video for Paradise, taken from her brand new EP Settled In Motion released today 


Who doesn’t love an exclusive? Continuing her track record of heart-warming and honest writing, Emma McGrath is back with her brand new EP Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Part Three), completing her trilogy of thematically connected EP’s that started back in 2018.

Settled In Motion comes with two previously unreleased tracks, Paradise and Stand By, and you can catch the first look at the official video for Paradise below. It also includes Emma’s most recent single Getaway Train, which achieved over 100,000 streams in the first fortnight alone, following its release back in November.

The new melancholic ballad sees Emma explore the delicate balancing act between her personal life and her music and the video, filmed at home with her girlfriend (Opehlia Booth from BLOXX) is deeply intimate and raw. 

In the press release accompanying the EP, she says: “I think I developed this mindset where music always got in the way of my friendships. I’d always miss birthday parties or other random stuff and over time I’d slowly lose touch with people. So I guess this song is about finding someone you love, but being scared of it not working and always assuming you know how it will end. Maybe it’s a kind of protection.”

Whilst Paradise deals with the struggles in finding new love, Stand By looks at the other end of the spectrum; when two people for no apparent reason, drift apart. It’s another perfect example of the maturity in Emma’s writing. 

Emma says: “This track is about being with someone and then realising it’s just not right. It’s no one’s fault but you have both just grown in different directions. You’re giving the other person permission to go out and try something new, move on and start again whilst you put each other on pause. I think the negative thought that comes out in Paradise is also seen in Stand By: ‘Nothing’s ever been enough for me’. I’m always wondering if what I’m doing or chasing is right. Is it enough? Will I be happy when I get there?”

Each one of Emma’s thematically connected EPs have documented the progression of maturity and accomplishment in Emma’s songwriting, as well as her growth as a person. Starting from a place of uncertainty within herself in Silent Minds, with Settled in Motion Emma finally arrives at a place of acceptance and understanding. 

On explaining the title, Emma said: “I’ve called the EP ‘Settled In Motion’ because I think I’m understanding myself more. I’m feeling more settled. I think in these songs I’m accepting life as it is”. The most intimate and tender that we’ve seen her, it’s her finest body of work to date.

Check out the new EP, Settled In Motion below!

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