A brutally honest look at identity, neurodiversity, loss and love


If you’re missing theatre as much as we are, we’ve got just the thing for you. Just because our favourite venues are closed doesn’t mean we have to abandon our love for play completely.  

Crocodile is a brand new audio play that tells the story of a bisexual woman dealing with her recent Autism and ADHD diagnosis, the death of her dysfunctional mother and the start of a new relationship. The play provides stark flashbacks and insights from the eight-year-old Crocodile in Halifax, Yorkshire, set against the chaotic adult life Crocodile has in London. 

Played by the LGBTQI legend, Heather Peace, Crocodile is fast talking, fast acting and does whatever occurs to her. It’s a bittersweet play that navigates identity, neurodiversity, loss and love that will leave your heart feeling warm and your theatre craving satisfied. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have Heather Peace’s thick Yorkshire accent in their ears for an hour straight? We know we do!

Written and directed by Samantha Grierson, the play explores her experience of receiving a later life diagnosis of Autism in 2018, changing the course of her life forever. What was initially a shock, became the driving force behind her creativity and allowed her to revive her love of writing, resulting in a relatable and heartwarming story. In addition to Crocodile, Sam has written a series of plays which deal with later life diagnosis of autism and motherhood, including Henpire an audio comedy drama which is available on Spotify and iTunes. 

Samantha Grierson Schwarz says: “In January 2020, at a writing course spent in a rain-washed farm in Totleigh Barton, I found Crocodile… 2.5 days to write over 9,000 words and 70 pages later, hyper focus, here is my first play”. 

Over the course of an hour we get to know Crocodile, her unique take on the world and how her neurodiversity impacts her life on a day to day basis. She’s curious, bold and brutally honest – but that’s why everyone loves her. 

Feast your ears on Crocodile below!

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