In part two of her series, Louisa Bennett looks at ways to live a creative life


Last fortnight, we looked at how embracing your own quirkiness can take the pressure off and leave you with the freedom to explore the world simply as you

We are now going to veer off in a different direction and focus on something that, for me, is one of the most exciting aspects of walking a different path: creativity and living a creative life.

If you’re about to run from the page screaming “I’m not creative” while simultaneously having flashbacks about a horrific failed craft, art, writing, child’s school project experience – hold – just for a moment. We’ve all been there. I once crafted a snow globe for a girl in high school. What was supposed to be a cute, cool gift, basically turned out to be a clump of glitter in half a jar of water that leaked when you turned it upside down. 

So, breathe and stay with me. I’m talking about a more general sense of the word creative, as a way to live and to interact with the world. If you’ve got a creative outlet – great – but it’s not a necessity. Promise. If you are walking your own path and embracing your quirkiness, you have the tools to be creative and to let that shine out of you in whatever outlet you want. It may simply be a conversation with another person. So, let the flashbacks dissipate – it’s safe to carry on reading.

My own outlet is writing and making people laugh. One thing I have learnt is that walking your own path gives you a unique perspective on the world. I have written scripts, blogs, articles and stand-up sketches – all of these are just based on my own interactions with the world. This doesn’t have to be a wild and exciting week, and it doesn’t have to be based on an expensive, jet setting lifestyle. Some of my favourite pieces to this day remain a comedy monologue I wrote about putting petrol in my car and my ongoing daily jokes about whether anyone ever finishes a pack of dental floss (I can only apologise to my partner about this one). These are everyday things, the usual and the mundane, explored and translated through different eyes.

Imagine for a second that you walk to work. Let’s imagine you take the same route every day for a year. After a few weeks what do you notice on your walk? Probably very, very little to be honest. You are familiar with it, on autopilot and have probably stopped looking to some extent. Now, let’s imagine that you mix your route up a little. You turn off a street before, cross the road at a different place, or simply go another way round altogether.

What do you notice now? Your senses are alert in a whole new way – you notice the small details of an ornate gate, the sky, a flower growing through a crack in the pavement. You are alive to it and curious about it. This interaction with the world is yours and yours only. The questions you have, the thoughts it provokes and the conversations you then have are different and bespoke to you. That is beautiful enough, and if you have the talent and passion to put it into an outlet, what you produce will be unique and new. Your quirkiness is your superpower and being able to interact with the world in a very different way, one which is interesting and fresh, is there for the taking. 

Strike up another one for embracing your quirkiness!


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