All-female mechanics Spanners With Manners team up with MINI for an inclusive advert


An uplifting and inclusive new advert from the famous car brand MINI released today features our favourite all-female mechanics, Spanners With Manners. The ad sees all identities celebrated and shows two of the garage’s employees fixing a car, showing that there’s a space for everyone in the mechanics industry. 

Speaking on their appearance in the advert, Laura Kennedy and Siobhan Murphy from Spanners With Manners said: “Representation matters, now more than ever. We are so excited to be in this MINI advert, flying the flag for the LGBTQI community as well as for women in the mechanics industry. We hope this soon becomes the norm and we won’t blink twice at two women fixing your car! “

The advert has been created as part of MINI’s new #BIGLOVE campaign, all about celebrating our differences and showing how inclusive the brand is. The caption reads: “Ever looked out the window and marvelled at how different we are? Big Love, MINI.”

Spanners with Manners is London’s first all female garage. Founded by Laura Kennedy who trained with Porsche at the very start of her career, almost 15 years ago. 

Since then, Laura has mastered working on all makes and models of cars and commercial vehicles. Laura worked in several garages before opening Spanners with Manners. 

She wanted to create a warm, welcoming, and non-judgemental environment for all her customers, but especially for women who often feel less confident at garages as the environment can be very male dominated.

A statement on the MINI website explains: “At MINI, we are all about big love. Big love is open-hearted, optimistic and celebrates the beauty of differences.”

“Big love sees richness in diversity. Big love believes that although we are all different, we are pretty good together. Our cars are built with big love; cars for everyone to express themselves differently. For us, big love is a big deal, and so it’s what our future commitments will be built on. So stay tuned, there’s more big love to come.”

Looking to support a small queer female-led business? Need that MOT? Follow them on Instagram here or drop them an enquiry:

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