The sad news comes today that Maureen Colquhoun has passed away at the age of 92


Maureen Colquhoun, the first openly lesbian MP who revolutionised politics for the LGBTQI community, has sadly passed away today at the age of 92. 

First elected into the House of Commons in 1974, Maureen Colquhoun was an economist, a leading voice for women’s rights and an LGBTQI trailblazer. 

In 1976, news emerged that she was in a relationship with Barbara Todd, publisher of the lesbian magazine, Sappho. Colquhoun began her relationship with Barbara after leaving her husband, a Sunday Times journalist, and was later outed by the Daily Mail’s Nigel Dempster.

This made Maureen Colquhoun Britain’s first out lesbian MP – but the following year she was deselected, a result local party officials denied had anything to do with her sexuality. 

After appeal she remained on as MP, until she lost her seat in the 1979 election. She continued to work in politics until 2015, and remained with Barbara Todd until February 2020, when Todd passed away.

Tributes have poured in online from those who followed in her footsteps, and we have selected some of those to honour Maureen Colquhoun following the sad news today. 

Rest in power, Maureen Colquhoun.

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