The alternative duo are back with a new track about finding happiness in the right places


We’re always in need of some new indie music to get stuck into, and if it comes from two strong female songwriters, we’re instantly on board. 

Mothercanyouhearme is made up of two best gal pals from London, Rosie Krause and Georgia Mancey, and today they release their brand new single Chemicool. The second single taken from their upcoming EP, People2, Chemicool is all about experiencing peer pressure in new situations and trying to climb up the social ladder, all while trying not to stray too far from your comfort zone. 

It touches on drug use and constantly fighting to find true happiness – how young people experiment with chemicals to alter their mindset, and create a false sense of security that could never be found in true form.

Over catchy guitar melodies and garage rock drums, front-woman Rosie sings: “The chemicals in your brain are there to take the stress away”, creating a unique mix of melodic punk, indie and alternative rock.

After meeting at music university and graduating in 2016, they decided to become Mothers and birthed their baby- mothercanyouhearme. Their mix of melancholy lyrics and upbeat instrumentalisation hits a note with Gen-Z and Millennials alike as they capture the feeling of doing your best but it never quite being enough.

The duo pride themselves on being completely DIY- writing, recording, mixing designing artwork, creating press kits and releasing all of their material themselves at home, they are heavily involved in creating and nurturing their music.

Last year they even released their very own 47 page online zine, with hand drawn pictures of inspirational females and interviews priding female friends from sculptors to photographers, poets and fine artists. They’re on a mission to raise awareness for queer identifying women and allies and we are here for it!

Make sure you give Chemicool a listen today and keep up with the band and all their wonderful work over on Instagram.

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