Following their pregnancy announcement, season two will follow the adorable duo from bump to baby 


Have you heard the news? Our favourite YouTube super couple are back for season two of their acclaimed Spotify Original podcast Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance. 

Launched back in 2020 as a way of documenting their journey to same-sex parenthood, season one looked at the mind-boggling decisions faced, various parenting and gender debates tackled, the heartbreak and joy that comes with trying to conceive, and ended with the best news possible – Rosie is pregnant! 

Across 15 new episodes, this time around the episodes will focus on common pregnancy misconceptions and assumptions and the hilarious pair will share the funny stories from their journey so far. If you thought season one was intimate, prepare for the next level! 

If that wasn’t enough to get you plugging in your earphones, they’ll also be joined by fellow pregnant YouTube pair, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard and Claudia Fozard, as well as a few other surprise guests across the series. 

Talking about the podcast in a press release, Rose said: “We’re expecting our first baby in the summer of ‘21. Rosie is carrying the baby, and I’m carrying the weight of her mood swings! Tune in every week to hear us getting more and more terrified for the birth of a whole responsibility!”

Fancy a sneak peek of the first episode out now? 

On her pregnancy sickness:

Rosie: The worst time was around Christmas time we went to see my brother and his partner for a socially distanced walk and by the car, and I had to be like “Oh can you go away…” and I just threw up!

Rose: Do you remember, I wasn’t embarrassed that you were being sick down the side of the car, but I also was, and because so many people were looking I was worried people thought you were hungover I was like “Ah! Pregnancy symptoms, am I right!? Pregnancy, not all it’s cracked up to be! Isn’t that right, Rosie? Ah, you’re sick, probably because you’re pregnant! Not hungover!”

Rosie: Ah, God, hold back my hair and get over it!

Take a listen to the first episode of season two below now! If you love Rose and Rosie’s YouTube content, this is the podcast for you. Where else are you going to hear them raving to the sound of their baby’s heartbeat?

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