Gearing up for next year’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Pride In London unveils a new logo that “represents all identities”


We’ve been waiting patiently to see what Pride In London, the UK’s largest Pride event, has up its sleeve for 2021, and from the looks of things, they have delivered.  

Yesterday, Pride In London unveiled their new brand identity with a fresh logo design that incorporates more inclusive messaging for the event and aligns with their focus on diversity, queer history and activism. By putting the organisation’s key values of visibility, unity and equality front and centre, they will undoubtedly open up the event as a safe space for all LGBTQI identities, and with Pride events set to look very different this year, what better time to switch things up and make a change?

The new logo will be visible on all of Pride In London’s messaging going forward –  including the website, social media, advertising and by community groups involved in the celebration. 

Pride In London detailed the meaning behind each of new updates to their look on their website:

●      “The exclamation mark – rooted in decades of LGBTQI protests, “!” on placards and posters throughout history is a clear symbol of queer defiance, resilience and solidarity.”

●      “The window – Pride In London will use photography within the words, as a spotlight directly on the people it exists for and because of, with all images un-retouched in order to give a raw, honest representation of the capital’s LGBTQI communities.”

●      “Pride at its heart – the prominence of the word ‘Pride’ not only roots the organisation in the global, historic movement, but is also a statement to show that LGBTQI people are proud to be different, together – not just in London, but united with the world.”

Tom Stevens, Director of Marketing at Pride in London, says: “Our new logo and brand identity are more than just a facelift – we knew our brand had to reflect who we want to be, what we represent and who we stand for. This new brand direction will serve as a reminder that Pride In London is a platform for all LGBT+ voices and a force to drive positive change for all queer communities through visibility, unity and equality.

“Above all else, it’s vital that we as LGBT+ people remember our roots in activism and community, and that our people are always at the forefront of everything we do. At a time where there is still so much uncertainty, we sincerely hope the new branding can be brought to life physically at a Pride in London event sooner rather than later.”

As well as the new branding, Pride In London is calling upon people within the LGBTQI community to help shape what plans lie ahead for 2021, hopefully involving physical events if restrictions are eased in time.

Click here to have your say in their short survey today and head over to the Pride In London website for more information.

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