A documentary about the Rebel Dykes, made by the Rebel Dykes themselves


What better way to celebrate LGBT History Month than by checking out the first trailer for an exciting new documentary which tells the story of London’s Rebel Dykes, a group of women who shaped queer culture as we know it today? 

Picture this: it’s 1986 in London and Margaret Thatcher is Prime Minister. Riot In My Mind by the Poison Girls is blasting through the speakers, Section 28 has entered our discourse, lesbians are wearing Dr. Martens and leather jackets (not everything has changed), and they’re shaking things up on the streets of the capital. 

These women and non-binary people were the Rebel Dykes. They created an outlaw lesbian family, lived on the edges of society, formed post-punk bands, made zines, fought homophobia, protested, created their own style and made art that challenged the mainstream culture seen in the UK. 

Directed by Harri Shanahan and Siân A. Williams, this new documentary shines a light on the women and non-binary people, the bravery and boldness behind their acts of defiance, and illustrates how they paved the way for the visibility and rights that we enjoy as queer individuals today.

The synopsis reads: “Rebel Dykes is a feel good documentary set in 1980s post-punk London. The unheard of story of a community of dykes who met doing art, music, politics and sex, and how they went on to change their world.” 

The film comes us part of the Rebel Dykes History Project which aims to “preserve, explore and share the archive of a bunch of kick ass post punk dykes who shook up London, UK in the 1980s”.

Through interviews, music, animations and archive footage, this documentary will remember the icons from the past and the battles they faced to make change for the LGBTQI community. Now in their 50s and 60s, the film lets us hear first-hand accounts about the world they created and the lasting impact they have made on the lives of lez/bi/queer womxn today.

There will be another announcement coming your way 17 February, so make sure to follow @RebelDykes and be the first to hear the news. You can also help support the Rebel Dykes History project through Patreon here. 

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