“This is the best Valentine’s Day gift we’ve ever received!”


US Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) sensations Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger welcomed a brand new member to their family on Valentine’s Day 😭♥️

Announcing the news online, the loved up athletes look overjoyed in their Instagram posts, which show them bringing home new daughter Sloane, who they adopted just two days after she was born. 

Ali and Ashlyn have been together since 2010, and had a fairytale wedding in 2019. Taking the next big step, the adorable couple have been open about their journey to motherhood through adoption. Both shared precious images of their brand new bundle of joy to Instagram with a special message to their daughter’s biological mum in their captions. 

They wrote: “Dear Birth Mom, Our promise: We promise Sloane will be loved every single day by us, our friends and our family.”

“We promise to give her the tools to live a happy, successful life of inclusivity and support. We promise to share her adoption story with her from the very beginning and celebrate every milestone!

“We promise to encourage her to follow her dreams no matter how big or small. We promise to be open minded and respect your wishes to have future communication and that she will always know how much you love her!”

The couple have even made an Instagram page just for Sloane where they will be showing off her fashion choices. You can follow the page here for her adorable looks and cute baby content. Warning: it’s already too much to handle.

Although the pair both shared the same message for Sloane’s birth mother, Ali’s post in particular was extra heart-warming as she added a special message to her new daughter and to her wife. 

“Welcome to our family, Sloane Phillips… we are so in love with you already! This has been one of the most beautiful yet stressful processes I’ve ever experienced with you, @ashlynharris24 and I love you even more throughout this journey, if that’s even possible.”

“When we first dated, we always spoke about adoption and always wanted to give a child a loving, happy and stable home. I cannot wait to give her the world and be the best Mom I can be with you right by my side❤️.”

Huge congratulations are in order to the pair for welcoming baby Sloane into their world. 🍼

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