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During COVID-19, the LGBTQI community has faced huge hurdles. There have been various additional challenges over the past two years for those who may have had to move back into unaccepting households or have experienced a lack of access to healthcare and support during a time of need. 

In May 2020, LGBT Foundation published findings from the largest and most substantive research into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on LGBTQI communities in the United Kingdom to date which revealed some of the devastating effects. The survey found that of the LGBTQI people who responded, 8% don’t feel safe where they are currently staying, 42% would like to access support for their mental health and 18% are concerned that it will lead to substance or alcohol misuse or trigger a relapse for them. 

The charity also revealed mental health crisis calls had increased by 123% , calls about abuse by 86%, those about domestic violence by 65%, and substance misuse by 50%.

Whether you need lockdown sex or dating advice, help accepting your sexuality or gender identity, or you’re facing issues with friends, family or colleagues, Ali is here to help you with her words of wisdom and depth of experience. In the past, Ali has offered her wisdom on cheating, grief, polyamory, disability, sex, Alzheimer’s, kink, parenting, isolation, and much, much more.

Not familiar with Ali’s work? She states: “I am a Holistic Relationship Coach and Sex Mentor on Channel 5’s Lesbian Guide to Straight Sex, and I am here to address all your relationship dilemmas. I come with a wealth of professional and personal knowledge, including two marriages (one of each), experience of polyamory, ethical non-monogamy and monogamy. I am a parent, educator and sex positive advocate. Find out more about me at”

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