An intimate queer drama that explores the power the past can hold


We’ve been waiting over a year for the release of Justine after it was pushed back due to the global pandemic last March, but we’re here to confirm this is a film that was worth waiting for. Following the life of Justine, it takes us on a cyclical journey of addiction, pain and letting love lead the way out of a dark past.

With Brighton as its backdrop, Justine examines the search to find love and a sense of belonging in a chaotic world. A collaboration between award-winning director Jamie Patterson and BAFTA Cymru-winning writer Jeff Murphy, it’s already a stand-out queer film for 2021. Just yesterday it was announced that Justine has been nominated for this year’s BIFA Raindance Discovery Award and we don’t think the nominations will end there. 

You can catch the first glimpse of Justine in our trailer premiere below. 🏳️‍🌈

The synopsis for Justine reads: “Justine (Tallulah Haddon), is a young woman with a fierce intelligence but an equal strong appetite for self destruction. Along with her only friend Peach (Xavien Russell), she finds herself suffocated within a world that makes little sense and where alcohol is the only escape from her view of a hopeless future. Her probation officer Leanne (Sian Reese-Williams) and her doctor (Steve Oram) try to guide her back to society, but Justine understands all too well what that society can offer her and she doesn’t want to play by its rules.

“One day, on a shoplifting spree, she meets Rachel (Sophie Reid) and the possibility of happiness, love and a future starts to emerge. But her pain goes deep and as the demons within her begin to surface, she wonders if she can allow herself to hope.”

Justine will be available to watch online from 5 March 2021, exclusively through Curzon Home Cinema.

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