Julien Baker talks all things Little Oblivions, songwriting and perspectives in our March issue


Releasing a long-awaited third album in the midst of a global pandemic is daunting, but Julien Baker is trying to stay positive. Ahead of the release, DIVA’s Sophie Griffiths found out what we can expect from Julien’s new music and what other queer musicians she draws strength from. Here’s something to whet your appetite!


Julien Baker on the pandemic 

“I feel like everybody’s been having very few external experiences and is in a constant state of chaos.” 

Julien Baker on her latest album 

“I felt a lot of liberty to play with the songs like projects and that it would be fun to try and see what expanding the musical palette feels like.” 

Julien Baker on writing about her personal life 

“It’s so hyper focussed on my personal life, but reducing everything to the perspective of my life is fucked up.” 

PLUS Julien tells us all about her queer family in the music industry. 

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Little Oblivions is out now.

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