Ky Hoyle, the founder of Sh! Women’s Emporium, announces the launch of a brand new sister venture, Shush Life


The launch of Shush Life comes almost a year to the day since Ky had to close the doors of the shop that has served as the hub for women’s pleasure empowerment for decades.

“It’s fair to say that the past year has been the worst and best of times but for every trough, there’s been a peak. We lost 70% of our custom overnight but we’ve had to think creatively and it has spurred us on to expand our online presence and go truly global with Shush Life”. 

Shush Life includes especially filmed courses based on the advice and workshops that Ky and her team used to give, pre-Covid, in-store.  

The first course to debut on Shush Life is Becoming Orgasmic, during which funky, funny sex educator, Evie Fehilly, illustrates how we can bring our selves and others to orgasm with a variety of techniques, toys and fantasies. The course aims to equip women with everything they need to know in order to close what is known as the orgasm-gap between men and women.  It is Ky’s mission to close this gap.

“Whilst lesbians orgasm, statistically more than their straight sisters, we want Shush Life to inspire even more women to have imaginative sex, with themselves or others. It’s about giving women the permission to get into their bodies and out of their heads”. 

She elaborates: “Traditionally women have been constrained by the practicalities of their lives and don’t have the access, agency or empowerment to experience the pleasure they so very much deserve”

This sex positivity has been Ky’s legacy for decades and although she shuns the Patron Saint of Sex title, she has been listening to women’s concerns about intimacy since 1992, when the shop first opened. 

“We had huge amount of feedback about our products and have given advice to thousands of women who have either come to the shop or called or emailed. That’s the most important part because a sex toy can be the most important intimate purchase ever and if you are badly advised, it ends up in the bin”.  

The courses, two of which will be launched on Thursday 4 March, will coral that advice in small bite-sized episodes, with pleasurable homework to be completed between classes. 

Shush Life seems timely, given the impact of Covid-19 on women’s sexual psyche. Does Ky imagine once lockdown is lifted that there will be a massive explosion of sex?

She laughs, “look I’m not saying that when lockdown is lifted that every woman will want to jump on someone but I do think living in isolation has helped queer women to either hone in on their self-pleasure or decide that they want to be more sex proactive with others…or even both”. 

What about those couples, who have been cooped up together and may be feeling that their sex life has become stale? 

“The courses work well for couples to learn new techniques, not just in the bedroom but to rediscover how to flirt with each other again, or try new ways to arose each other. There’s always room for re-energised sex positivity. We want Shush Life to inspire you wherever you are in a relationship”

Shush Life is just the beginning of the brand extension. Working with an expanded team, Shush Life is destined for a bigger, brighter and bolder future. 

“We won’t be reopening the shop but there will be Shush Life pop ups around the country, where people can buy products, take part in classes, ask advice. Have fun. We’re even thinking of a long weekend Shush Festival, focussing on sexual wellbeing and my dream is a Shush Bus that travels around the Regional Pride’s. Bringing Shush to the nation.” 

It sounds like, after a crazy busy year, Ky intends to be even busier. So what about her own her sexual wellbeing?  

She becomes suddenly coy. “Let’s just say that this past year has not been mundane and yes, one of the peaks has been the start of a new relationship.” 

Shush Life will launch on Thursday 4 March. The team behind the launch have put together two virtual events, including a discussion about the female pleasure industry, female empowerment and the impact on women’s mental health. This followed by an evening fun hour of glitz and glam hosted by Ky and the fabulous drag queen to the stars, Ginger and the iconic Sinitta! There will be online competitions where guests can win prizes and free access to the courses. All guests will receive a whopping 50% discount off Sh! goodies. 

You can register for both events HERE.

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