After struggling with lockdown, El Conchitas is back and better than ever


One of London’s best known female DJ’s, producers and broadcasters, El Conchitas is back with her fourth studio album – and this time she’s not holding back. 

After struggling personally during lockdown and suffering from an emotional downfall, El knew she had to take action. Deciding to get back to where psychologists advise clients to go during the difficult times, their safe place, that place for El has always been the recording studio. 

Emerging from the battles she faced better than ever, JAYA, which means victorious in Sanskrit, is representative of El’s personal journey overcoming her fears and emotions/ The first official single from the album, Bacana, has already gained widespread media attention and is set to bring us all back to life on the dance floor when we see clubs start to re-open. 

El fuses together various musical styles and culture on JAYA, drawing from the hypnotic drum rhythms of calypso, to the spiritually entwining sound of sitars and tablas. She’s leaving no sound behind for this album, so there’s something for everyone. 

Speaking exclusively to DIVA, El Conchitas said: “Seven months ago I was in a dark place, I was overwhelmed with fear of failing. With the love and support of those who truly love me I found my voice, my rhythm and my melodies again. I am speechless and humbled by the success JAYA  is having after only a few weeks of its release. This album is me and now I feel like people like who I am. There is no more fear, just gratitude and above all I am ready for the dance floor, VAMOS.”

You can listen to the fresh new album from El Conchitas in full below.

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