Join us in the Facebook DIVA Community next Wednesday to hear all about what Victoria Broom has coming up this year


Following the success of The Riley Interviews during lockdown number one, DIVA has now launched The DIVA Interviews – a space for weekly exclusive chats with some our lovely friends and supporters. 

Next up in the series, on Wednesday 10 March, our interviewer Saski will be joined by DIVA favourite, Victoria Broom. 

Victoria Broom is known for playing Sasha Kyte in season two of the Emmy Award winning series Marcella. She can more recently be seen acting opposite a DC Comic legend in Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 1984. 

This year will see Victoria play very different roles in a new 16 part comedy series followed by a new Political Thriller. Victoria started her own production company, Futch&Film Company, a new production company specialising in authentic queer female content for mainstream television. She is currently working on her own writing, a new series called Life As We Know It. You can follow Victoria on Instagram or Twitter for more updates. 

Victoria Broom

Join us in the Facebook DIVA Community every Wednesday at 8pm for LGBTQI life chats and the chance to fire your questions at our iconic interviewees. Grab a cup of tea and settle in for exciting chats and plenty of laughs. 

Launched as a way of bringing the lez/bi community closer together with everything that’s happening in the world right now, the Facebook-based, digital hangout DIVA Community has grown to a membership of over 10,000 women, non-binary people and allies, hailing from all around the globe. Pretty impressive, eh? So we thought it’s time to give back to you wonderful lot. 

What are you waiting for? Join our DIVA Community here for access to this exclusive interview with Victoria Broom, 10 March at 8pm. 

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