“Remember that somewhere, a flower is breaking out of concrete and you will too”


I first met poet, writer and illustrator Bethany Rose in 2014, when I profiled her in a feature about the finest spoken word artists on the UK scene. 

She inspired me as we spoke, on a chilly Hampstead Heath, and I felt a fire light inside of me as she told me to “write until your bones in your hands break and you feel like your synapses are about to snap.” 

We’ve stayed in touch since, and I’ve marvelled from afar as she’s ascended to greatness.

From performing on the DIVA stage in Leicester Square at Pride In London to those heartwarming Nationwide adverts about holding her girlfriend’s hand and her incredible new book Neon, I find myself constantly in awe of Beth’s talents. 

Neon by Bethany Rose

But it hasn’t always been an easy climb. While from the outside, she appears confident, assured and unstoppable, her achievements have been against a backdrop of a breakdown and a depression so thick it threatened to consume her. 

It’s an experience she talks about with candour in a stunning TEDx LondonWomen performance, titled Breaking Out Of Concrete: Six Ways Out Of Depression. Part of the Showing Up series filmed at Abbey Road Studios, Beth says it’s “the hardest thing” she’s ever done, and “the thing I am most proud of too”. 

My words don’t do it justice, so I’ll leave you with Beth’s. Believe me – this might be the most important thing you watch today. 

Like what you see? Follow Beth on Instagram at @bethany_rose_poetry and order her book Neon from our friends at Gay’s The Word.


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