Check out this new range of watches that gives back to the LGBTQI community 🌈


LGBTQI support charity and helpline Switchboard has partnered with well-known watch brand Toff London for a new collection of Pride themed watches, with 5% of each sale going straight to the charity. 

Toff London’s new range of quality Pride themed watches come in a huge variety of styles, strap and case options. There are two collections within the Pride range which includes Pride rainbow watch designs, and Pride flag designs. 

The rainbow Pride watches include hundreds of original dial designs featuring the rainbow flag, rainbow details and Pride slogans such as “love is love,” “we are family” and “proud to be gay.”  

Whether you’re looking for a subtle or a bold design, this collection will have something for you. The Pride flag watch collection features a growing selection of Pride flags reflecting the diverse range of sexual and gender identities and expressions – such as bisexual, transgender and lesbian, asexual, greysexual, gender flux, pansexual, demigender and intersex, and gay lifestyle flags such as twink, rubber, bear and drag Pride. 

Thanks to the new partnership, Toff London customers can help support Switchboard’s vital work supporting the LGBTQI community, while wearing their flag with Pride. Switchboard’s confidential support line offers advice and understanding for anyone facing issues related to sexuality and gender, whether they are struggling with mental health, feeling lonely and isolated, questioning their sexuality or gender, facing bullying or harassment, looking for sexual health advice or wanting to support a loved one. 

Daniel Toffel, Toff London owner and founder said: Through the sale of our Pride watches, we’re delighted to be supporting Switchboard, our chosen charity for 2021. We launched Pride watches after recognising a gap in the market for a watch collection especially for the LGBT+ community. We’re committed to adding to our huge range of Pride flag designs that reflect the vibrant spectrum of gender and sexuality identities, to give everyone the chance to express who they are in a unique way.”

Take a look at Toff London’s Pride themed watches HERE and help to support the fantastic work of Switchboard.

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