Here’s the 10 most searched for LGBTQI celebrity homes 🏠


We’re all too familiar with working at home at this point. Even celebrities are! We’ve had our eye on the extravagant bookcases behind them on their Zoom press calls, or the lavish staircases we sometimes spy in the background. It’s a real step up from trying to hide the pile of washing behind you when you jump on your morning work meeting and it’s all so fascinating to see.

Have you ever fancied a glimpse into the homes of LGBTQI royalty? Keen to find out how much intrigue we have into the pads of the rich and famous, investigated dozens of out and proud celebrities from a range of sources and analysed global SEMrush data to find out how many average searches per month the public are making about these celebrity’s homes.

Here’s their round up of the LGBTQI celebrity homes we are most intrigued to catch a glimpse inside. 🌈

Sam Smith – 2,840

Taking the 10th spot is singer Sam Smith, with an average of 2,840 people searching for a glimpse inside their home in London. 

Caitlyn Jenner – 2,870

Caitlyn Jenner is in ninth place with a slightly higher average number of people wanting a peek inside her Malibu home. 

Neil Patrick Harris – 3,000 

If you follow Neil Patrick Harris over on Instagram you’ll be no stranger to his adorable posts with his family inside the home he shares with husband David Burtka. He’s taking spot number eight on this list, though so we’re clearly intrigued to see more. 

Jim Parsons – 3,150

Known best for his role in The Big Bang theory, an average of 3,150 searches crop up per month to take a peek inside his home in Hollywood. 

Phillip Schofield – 4,220 

His second home is in the This Morning studio, but what does his real home look like? After coming out last year, it seems everyone’s interested in seeing his home in west London. 

RuPaul – 4,470

The RuPaul’s Drag Race host is in fifth place, with 4,470 average global monthly searches for his home. We just need to know if he’s got his very own werkroom somewhere.

Shane Dawson – 6,900

In fourth place is American YouTuber Shane Dawson, with 6,900 monthly average searches to see inside the home he shares with boyfriend Ryland Adams. 

Elton John – 12,600

We bet this home is more iconic than we could ever imagine. That’s definitely why there’s an average of 12,600 searches a month for the Tiny Dancer singer’s home.

Ellen DeGeneres – 42,300

2020 brought us into the home of Ellen DeGeneres as the production of her famous talk show moved into her home in L.A. No wonder she’s in second place with 42,300 monthly searches. 

Jeffree Star – 82,800

The home searched for the most is that of makeup guru and YouTube sensation Jeffree Star, with an average monthly search volume of 82,800 for his house. Having recently purchased a 70-acre ranch in Wyoming, Jeffree is well known for flaunting his pad on Instagram.

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