Take our brand new survey for 2021 today and help shine a light on the specific needs of LGBTQI women and non-binary people 


It’s that time of year again! We want to put the spotlight on you the DIVA readers and find out how we can improve the lives of LGBTQI women through our annual DIVA Survey which has launched today. This year, The DIVA Survey: LGBTQI women’s Insight 2021 will focus on the mental health, family lives and wellbeing of LGBTQI women. 

As part of Lesbian Visibility Week – 26 April – 2 May 2021, DIVA Media Group and Stonewall are setting the agenda for our community, changing what it means to be an LGBTQI woman in today’s society.

In partnership with Kantar, the people behind the world’s first Inclusion Index, who are fielding the survey for us, we are highlighting the unique challenges faced by LGBTQI women, putting our needs centre stage, and shaping the work of both organisations, their charity and corporate partners for many years to come. It will take you between 10 and 15 minutes and all answers will remain confidential and anonymous, so feel free to open up about your experiences here. Your responses will only be used for aggregated analysis and you will not be identifiable.

The survey is sponsored by Citi Group, P&G and Tesco.

Lots has changed since the first piece of research we conducted back in 2020 where we found that 44% of respondents would like to see more LGBTQI events aimed specifically at women, over half of LGBTQI women are not fully out at work and an alarming one in three LGBTQI women have experienced verbal or physical abuse due to their sexuality.  

Since we published these results, we’ve lived through a global pandemic and had to face issues of loneliness, working from home and how to stay safe and look after our wellbeing. Things will have changed and we want to capture and highlight the challenges we face as a community and reveal what LGBTQI life should look like post-pandemic. 

This research is your chance to make sure your voice is heard. Help us set the agenda, and change the conversation, in a positive, meaningful way. The results of the survey will be released in The Lesbian Visibility supplement in The Guardian on Monday 26 April.

DIVA Publisher, Linda Riley, said: “Since the beginning of the first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, we have seen over 10,000 LGBTQI women join our DIVA Community on Facebook, a group set up to support our community during the pandemic. I have seen first-hand just how many of us have had to deal with mental health and well-being issues during this time. I hope by taking actual data, this survey will help provide some solutions for what we as a community can do to support each other.”

The results of The DIVA Survey: LGBTQI Women’s Insight 2021 will be published during Lesbian Visibility Week.

CLICK HERE to take the survey today and head over to lesbianvisibilityweek.com for more information. 

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