In the last of her series, Louisa reminds us to walk our own path


If you’ve been following my DIVA series, I hope by now you know that being quirky rules! We are so often shown, and usually from a very young age, that the conventional path is the “correct” path to navigate life on. If you deviate (perhaps hop over a gate and turn away from it) or even walk alongside it trying your absolute best to stay on it (probably ending up in a ditch or two along the way), it is all too easy to feel like you don’t fit in or belong. You might feel isolated, lonely, different or a bit lost. This can have such a negative impact that we forget that there are many benefits to walking your own path. 

We have explored a myriad of these – from finding authentic connections to living creatively, and all the way back round to THE everyday being an adventure. If you choose your own path you can set your own milestones, you can put in your own turnings and gates to go through rather than choose to accept the ones that have been predefined. 

Let’s not forget though, that if any of those are right for you, put them on your path. Don’t miss out on something for the sake of being unconventional, just remember to root it in who you are. Life has its own unknowns – we never know what is round the corner and what will spin us onto a different path entirely. It may be that new path is made of a different material, but whatever the footing underneath, do it unashamedly as you.

All the positives that being quirky brings to the table are ones that should be planted and nurtured because these are the traits that are going to get us through life with a growth mindset that is open. One that questions and explores. One that will proudly dare to say “That may be right for you, but it’s not right for me” and have the self confidence to follow through with that decision. This is a bit of a skill to be learnt and the more you practice, the easier it will become. It’s a hard line to take with yourself and often, feeling that awkwardness of not fitting in, is enough to make you want to run and hide.

Just remember to take a deep breath and remember you’re not alone. That is the absolute truth. I’ve had so many people get in touch with me to say these articles have really resonated with them. Team quirky is going to take over the world one day because with every day that passes the diverse nature and individuality of humankind comes more and more to light! (I tried for a good few minutes here to come up with a rallying cry, using the Beastie Boys song Fight For Your Right To Party by substituting the word party for quirky, but it flatlined…)

Instead, I’ll refer to my series – save them, read them again or just remember your favourite line. Know that it is absolutely ok to walk your own path and be of a quirky ilk. Find your people, make connections, be creative and explore and experiment. Find out who you are and what you want and grow it. Share your experience, share your awkward moments and let yourself be seen.  


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