6 good news stories this Trans Day of Visibility

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Some positive news, for once BY NADIA DAVIES At a time when transphobia seems to have taken over the news and our social media feeds, it’s important to use Transgender Day of Visibility as an opportunity to celebrate and elevate trans lives, trans creativity and trans resilience and showcase some of the amazing work that’s [….]

Here’s how trans people are marking Transgender Day of Visibility

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A day of joy, rage, advocacy and activism BY NADIA DAVIES Started in 2009 by US trans activist, Rachel Crandall, Transgender Day of Visibility is a day of celebration – a day for trans* people, in their beautiful diversity, to be visible and proud and celebrated. Here’s how trans and non-binary folks are marking their day. [….]

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Meet the blind trans musician fighting discrimination in the industry

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Chrissie Cochrane is blazing a trail for others to follow BY SOPHIE PERRY, IMAGES VIA INSTAGRAM As a blind transgender woman, musician Chrissie Cochrane knows more than most about discrimination and the various forms it takes.  Born in New Zealand at the end of World War II, 76-year-old Chrissie was blind at birth as her [….]