This free online event features panel discussions, live Q&As, workshops and more


We’re really excited about the news that #PrideInEducation3 is back for a third year. It’s an incredibly important event – the first ever global equality inclusion conference specifically aimed at educators, teachers, publishers and anyone else who is looking to make education more inclusive.

This brilliant, three-day conference will take place online on 11, 12, and 13 June 2021. The packed programme features 48 international speakers from four continents over three days, all examining best practice aspects across education: from primary to university level, and also offers published resources. Expect panel discussions, knowledge sharing with live Q&As, presentations from researchers and academics, hands-on workshops covering curriculum design and content, wellbeing and self-care.  

The event is supported by a range of community and media partners and powered by Zoom, with the support of myGwork and Trans in the City.

This year #PrideInEducation3 is taking place at a particularly difficult time for LGBTQI+ people across the world, many of whom have been hit hard by the pandemic. The Trevor Project reports that LGBTQI+ helplines are currently experiencing double the number of calls. Those who were already facing extreme challenges – living under anti-LGBTQI+ laws, facing violence, discrimination and or eviction from their homes or countries because of their sexuality or gender identity – are now struggling to survive. In addition to raising awareness about these issues and their impact on LGBTQI+ people’s lives, #PrideInEducation3 will offer useful tips and send out a positive message of compassion and inclusion. The event promises to provide the practical tools needed to educate and empower practitioners to ensure improved inclusion and the celebration of LGBTQI+ lives in education. 

Conference organiser Laila El-Metoui commented:

“The ongoing pandemic has serious implications for the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people. School closures and lockdown have negatively impacted on everyone but even more so on LGBTQ+ people trapped in homophobic and transphobic households. It is of the utmost importance that teachers and educators continue to provide an inclusive and compassionate education. This conference was put together to ensure LGBTQ+ people continue to be visible and celebrated.”

#PrideInEducation3 will run on 11, 12 and 13 June 2021. All event sessions are free of charge. Find out more at

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