The singer-songwriter on bisexuality, mental health and finally feeling valid as an artist


Dodie Clark has a brand new album out and it’s totally brilliant. To celebrate the release of Build A Problem, DIVA editor-in-chief Carrie Lyell had a heart-to-heart with the phenomenally talented singer-songwriter. You can read the whole interview in our June issue, but first why not check out this sneak preview (just because we love you)?

Dodie on…

Finally feeling valid as an artist

“I feel so legit, in the best way. I’m so proud of myself. I love this album, I love the music that’s on there, and I think, yeah, I’ve collected enough evidence to prove to my brain that I am a musician. A good one, too.”

Being bi

“There’s an expectation with bisexuality, in particular online, to be a certain way, and feel a certain way about it, and I don’t think I align with that. I’m still figuring it out. I love my bi-ness, but I think I need to love it by myself for a while.”

What her therapist thinks of her music

“She’s always wondering why I don’t write happier things.”

Read the full interview in our June issue, available here. Dodie’s new album, Build A Problem, is out now.

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