This queer anthem is going straight on our summer playlist


Is it hot in here or is it just Aisling O’Connor’s sizzling new single? 🔥

Explore You, released today, is an “unapologetic celebration” of queer sexuality and has all the hallmarks of a summer anthem. It’s certainly going straight on our playlist…

The singer songrwriter and producer told DIVA: “The last year has brought me closer to myself than I have ever been. Truly exploring my queerness, educating myself and growing to understand it on another level, has set me free and found me more personally, sexually empowered and confident than ever. 

“Consciously working to undo the impact of the stigma around queer sexuality and acts of sex is so important. As a woman that meets at an intersection with misogyny, it’s so important to understand the roots of oppression in order to consciously unlearn the ignorance society has bred for centuries.

“For the first time, my sexual being feels empowered by my queerness and vice versa and Explore You is my unapologetic celebration of that. 

“Unashamedly expressing pleasure and desire, as well as giving a voice to it and in turn hopefully giving a voice to a society drowned in heteronormativity, is really fucking liberating. It’s something to spark conversations with friends that might never have heard the female queer narrative in this way before. 

“Fletcher did an incredible job of that on her Sex Tapes EP, with the visuals especially, and the likes of Raveena with her song Temptation, brought vibes to the classic ‘oh shit maybe we’re not just friends’ narrative. 

“But there’s more to queer women’s experiences than the old tale of falling in unrequited love with your straight best friend or being an outcast on the edge looking in. I wanted to create something that was unafraid to be explicitly queer, and that doesn’t just mean sexually explicit, but explicitly unapologetic. 

“Queer men like Lil Nas X who flew the flag hardcore with Montero are making waves, but it’s time for more queer women to join him. 

“We don’t owe anyone an apology. Our queer voices matter and I hope Explore You makes you all feel and be yourselves louder. It’s certainly my personal pride anthem.”

If you need us, we’ll be dancing in the living room…

Explore You is available now on all platforms.

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