Actor, activist and Bipolar UK ambassador April Kelley introduces a Twitter event for Pride Month


Happy Pride Month my DIVA’s!

I’ve teamed up with Bipolar UK this year to tackle the million-dollar question… How do we eradicate stigma?

I’m talking both the stigma around sexuality and mental illness. It’s a double whammy and I hope I live to see the day where we don’t have to defend or over-explain either topic.

It’s no surprise that those who identify within the LGBTQI+ community are more susceptible to poor mental health. That said, I don’t want this piece to turn into doom and gloom as it’s a month to celebrate all things us!

I just wanted to share an epiphany I had the other day… It might not even be an epiphany. It could either be blatantly obvious or simply just cringe-worthy, nevertheless… when I’m asked the question I now say, we must eradicate the stigma within ourselves first.

Too obvious? Too profound? Too cliché?

Possibly. And yet, it somewhat hit me like a ton of bricks. I was reminded that since being more vocal about living with bipolar and prouder about my bisexuality those around me chose to educate themselves and accept.

So, as our month comes to a close, and if you face across stigma (to any degree) I implore you to find courage in the face of adversity. You don’t have to make a song and dance about it, you just need to be calm and matter of fact, because no one can argue with that.

I’m doing a Twitter Space on Thursday 24 June at 1pm with Bipolar UK where we’ll be diving into this topic further. Come say hi!

Lots of love,

April x

Twitter: @april__kelley

Instagram: @april_kelley

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